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* In memoriam

In memory of
Luigi Ricci
Bel Canto Institute in Residence in Florence
el Canto Institute, founded in 1987 by Metropolitan Opera Prompter and Assistant Conductor Jane Bakken Klaviter, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization whose purpose is to perpetuate, teach and keep alive style and tradition in 19th and 20th Century Italian Opera. These goals are achieved through Summer Programs and Youth Division Summer Programs for singers, coaches and instrumentalists where they are immersed in the study of style and tradition by means of performance classes, private coachings (singers), sectionals and ensembles (instrumentalists), private voice/instrumental lessons, Italian language classes, lectures, and performances. Instrumentalists will work on both operatic and symphonic repertoire as well as solo and ensemble playing. Florence, the heart of Italy's Tuscany region, is the setting for this program, which is dedicated to the late Maestro Luigi Ricci, Ms. Klaviter's long time mentor and friend.